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Entremet Mousse Cake

Entremet Mousse Cake


This 7 inch Entremet is a French term that refers to a type of dessert that typically consists of several layers of cake, mousse, cream, and sometimes fruit or other fillings. These layers are assembled, then glazed or decorated.

Expected before Easter
  • Flavors

    Chocolate Hazelnut Praline: Layers of chocolate sponge cake, hazelnut praline insert, chocolate hazelnut mousse, and a glossy mirror glaze.

    Blackberry Cheesecake: Indulge in layers of graham cracker crust, creamy cheesecake filling, fresh blackberries, blackberry jelly insert, and a glossy mirror glaze.

    Earl Grey Honey Lavender: Delicate and floral layers featuring earl grey-infused sponge cake, lavender jelly insert, honey mousse, and a glossy mirror glaze.

    Tira Mousse: A twist on the classic with coffee-soaked ladyfinger cake, mascarpone mousse, chocolate ganache layer, and a dusting of cocoa powder. With a glossy mirror glaze.

    Matcha Mango: Matcha sponge cake paired with mango jelly insert, green tea mousse, and a glossy mirror glaze.

    Strawberry Amaretto: Amaretto soaked vanilla sponge cake, strawberry jelly insert, strawberry mousse and a glossy mirror glaze

    Dark Choc Raspberry: Dark chocolate sponge cake, raspberry jelly insert, chocolate velvet mousse and a glossy mirror glaze

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