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PriceFrom $45.00

4 inch round cake (4-6 servings) 


6 inch round cake (10-20 servings)


8 inch round cake (20-24 servings)


10 inch round cake (25-38 servings)


12 inch round cake (40-56 servings)


For custom design cakes, the price will vary depending on decoration. If you are curious about the price of a specific order, go to the "Contact" page. Please include a detailed description of what you'd be interested in ordering.

  • Cake Types


    Naked: Custom Flavor cake with filling of choice and a swipe of frosting, border and cake topper with message if wanted

    Clothed: Custom Flavor cake, filling, buttercream flavor, colors, border, and cake topper with message if wanted

    Buttercream Details: Custom cake with Drip, Flowers, rosettes, polka dots, gold splatter etc. Cake topper with message if wanted.

    Fondant Details: Custom cake with Fondant accents; flowers, stars, dots, lett

  • Signature Flavors

    vanilla latte: vanilla bean cake, mocha ganache, delallo espresso buttercream



    chocolate lovers: dark chocolate cake, salted bittersweet ganache, vanilla bean buttercream



    strawberries & champagne: vanilla bean cake, champagne creme, strawberry buttercream



    zesty lemon: vanilla bean cake, lemon curd, zest buttercream



    italian disaronno: vanilla bean cake, almond creme, disaronno buttercream



    raspberries & champagne: vanilla bean cake, raspberry curd, champagne buttercream


    dark choc raspberry: dark choc cake, raspberry preserves, mocha ganache, fudge buttercream

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