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Below are a list of our most loved signature wedding cake flavors. While this list is not exclusive to what we can create, it does offer an exquisite sampling of our most popular cakes, carefully crafted over years of experience.
Raspberry Cake

our signature menu

vanilla latte

vanilla bean cake
mocha ganache

delallo espresso buttercream

chocolate lovers

dark chocolate cake
salted caramel bittersweet ganache
vanilla bean buttercream

strawberries & champagne

vanilla bean cake
champagne creme
organic strawberry buttercream

zesty lemon

lemon chiffon cake
lemon curd
lemon buttercream

raspberries & champagne

vanilla bean cake
raspberry curd
champagne buttercream

italian disaronno

vanilla bean cake
almond creme
disaronno buttercream

dark chocolate & raspberry

dark chocolate cake
salted mocha ganache &

raspberry curd
fudge buttercream

carrot cake

dark molasses with

carrots and golden raisins cake
cloud cream cheese
vanilla bean buttercream

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